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We offer a range of services

Block paving

20151022_163606A popular surface for driveways with numerous options to choose from even if it's a modern contemporary look or a more traditional feel you are looking for. We can do it all for you from design to the completed installation. 

Patios and paths

patios and pathsWe can install patios or paths using cheaper concrete pressed flags of assorted colours and finishes or indeed block paving, natural stone can also be used but can be more expensive but will have a far superior look, however the choice is yours.

Natural stone

sandstoneThis has become increasingly popular over the last few years especially Indian sandstone which comes in a wide variety of shades and colours, it looks stunning and will not fade or lose its colour. the finish can be riven or honed (smooth).

Lift and relay service

lift and relayIf you have existing paving which has been badly laid or has moved over the years with the pointing cracked etc. in most cases we can lift, relay, and repoint this paving to bring it back to life. Which can usually be cheaper than replacing the paving with new.

Power washing

power washingIf your paving is covered in moss or algae, we can power wash it for you. If it's block paving, we can power wash it brush in new silica sand and seal it with a resin-based sealant making your paving look like new.

Maintenance free

maintenance freeIf you require a maintenance free garden, we can clear your lawn install a weed free membrane and top with gravel in a colour of your choice or a slate mulch. This is ideal if your garden has become too much for you or you simply don't have the time.

Artificial grass

artificial grassArtificial grass is becoming extremely popular it looks amazingly realistic. Just think no more muddy or bare patches or doggy stains just a lush green garden all year round. Plus, you can ditch your lawn mower.


turfingIf you prefer natural grass but your lawn is muddy, patchy, and full of moss and weeds why not let us re-turf it for you. This is a quick cost-effective way to an instant lovely lawn with no waiting for grass seed to grow.



Are your fence panels broken and your wooden posts rotten and leaning over? We can erect a new fence for you using concrete posts and gravel boards which will never rot or blow over in the wind and when the time comes to replace the wooden panels the new ones can be simply slotted in, and you're done.